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Swimming Pool Pump Repair Services in Riverside, California

Your swimming pool pump is the center of the entire circulation system of your pool. The pool pump is the apparatus that pulls in water from at least one suction port, sending it through other parts of your pool system such as the pool heater and pool filter. Because of your pool pump’s important role in filtration and heating of water, when it malfunctions the rest of your swimming pool equipment becomes inoperable.


There are many different types of swimming pool pumps on the marketing today, and many of them use different types and sizes of motors. So when it comes to replacing the motor in your swimming pool pump, it’s helpful to understand which motor works best for your pool. Having been in business since 2003 and acquiring years of experience prior to 2003, American Pool Service brings expert experience in swimming pool pump repairs to the table.


In fact, not all pool pumps have a single motor. Dual speed motors are on the market today, and provide additional functionality that single speed motors do not. A dual speed motor in your swimming pool pump offers two settings – low and high. Typically the low setting is recommended for standard water circulation while the high setting works well for functioning water features or vacuuming of your pool.

Like anything else, delaying repairs of your swimming pool pump can lead to more costly repairs, so American Pool Service recommends fixing the problem early on. If your swimming pool pump has come to the end of its life, give us a call for a no-pressure estimate and scheduling options.

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