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It shouldn’t be a mystery as to what a swimming pool heater’s job is – To heat your pool. It’s your pool heater that allows you to swim comfortably in your swimming pool during the cooler months, and without your pool heaters’ ability to perform its job function, your swim season may be cut short. American Pool Service offers affordable repairs to your pool heating problems.


There are three standard types of swimming pool heaters, solar, gas, and electric. Solar pool heaters utilize the energy captured from sunlight to circulate and push water through the heater and are often times located on a high frame or atop a roof to allow undisrupted contact with sunlight.

Heat pumps (or electric pool pumps) on the other hand, use electricity as a way to capture heat and transfer it from one area to another. Electric heat pumps do not actually create heat. While water is circulating, water from the swimming pool is pushed through filters as well as the heat pump heater. Equipped with a fan, the fan pulls in outside air causing it to sit over the evaporator coil. Liquid refrigerant inside of the evaporator coil absorbs the heat from the outside air and transforms into gas before passing through the compressor, which increases the temperature of the gas. As the pool water circulates through, the warm gas heats the water.


Finally, gas heaters, which may use propane or natural gas, burns within the swimming pool heater’s combustion chamber, causing heat to be generated while cool water is being circulated through the filter before being sent back out to the pool. Because gas pool heaters are great for heating pools for short amounts of time, they are ideal for pools that are not used often.

Regardless of which type of swimming pool heater is in your pool, American Pool Service can get it repaired and working properly. Contact us for a free consultation and scheduling.

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